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Facts About Spam

"Here's the scoop on chain mail: If it promises any kind of return - like money - it's fraudulent and illegal! If you start or forward one, you could face legal action." - Federal Trade Commission

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Do you feel like you are getting more and more e-mail from unwanted sources everyday? Unwanted commercial e-mail (UCE), otherwise known as spam, can be an annoying, costly and time-consuming problem for many consumers. Follow the below Tips, use the Tools and, when necessary, Take Action to help alleviate unwanted e-mails in your inbox.

Online Safety GuideTips

Learn some basic tips to prevent unwanted junk e-mail from filling your inbox. Tips include using a unique e-mail address, reading the privacy policy and using tools that help prevent spam.

Tools for FamiliesTools

Use tools to help fight against unwanted e-mail. Many tools, such as junk e-mail filters may already be located on your computer. Other tools can easily be downloaded and installed on your computer.

Reporting TroubleTake Action

Fight back against spammers! You can easily report unwanted e-mail to the Federal Trade Commission if you believe spammers have violated the law or their Internet Service Provider's terms of service. You can also report spam with the Spam Cop website. As a consumer, it is important to report these violations so they can be deterred as soon as possible.

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