Facts About Spam

"12 to 15 percent of total e-mail traffic is spam - a year ago, that figure was closer to 7 percent." - Brightmail June 27, 2002

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Take Action

Take action against unwanted e-mails that you receive. The authorities cannot respond to spammers without complaints about spammers' activities. Reporting these messages to the appropriate authorities can get the spammer's current account closed. It will also help prevent others from being victimized by the spammer. The authorities may also choose to prosecute for fraudulent or deceptive e-mails.

  • Report to The Federal Trade Commission - The FTC wants your unwanted e-mail messages and reports of any e-mail unsubscribe link that is deceptive. Help the FTC fight unwanted and deceptive e-mails.
  • Contact the Internet Service Provider (ISP) - You can either contact your ISP or the spammer's ISP to report unwanted e-mails. More information.
  • Contact Law Enforcement Authorities - Threatening, inappropriate and unwanted e-mails can also be reported to law enforcement authorities. More information is available on the appropriate contacts.
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